EMAIL: mbe244@nyu.edu

Maxx Evan is a recent graduate of New York University Tisch School of the Arts. He was a double major in Cinema Studies and Film & Television. Originally from Albany, New York, Maxx now lives in New York City. With a variety of talent, an eye for design, and a keen sense of observation, Maxx brings a fresh and unique perspective to his work, which often highlights growing up, nostalgia, and loss. 

Since beginning his career in film, Maxx has worked in several entertainment platforms including studio television, film, and music videos. Additionally, the projects Maxx has worked on span from post-apocalyptic thrillers to westerns, and more contemporary New York City settings. 

Maxx is passionate about film, fashion, and art as well as his love of animals and children. Having worked as a group leader and counselor for many summers at his favorite place in the world, summer camp, Maxx not only loves working with children, but is committed to creating meaningful and educational content that captures a child's perspective and understanding. His directorial debut, Seeking an Elephant, follows a young boy's journey to find an elephant in a world where elephants no longer exist. The film deals with understanding and coping with loss at a young age.

Additionally, Maxx is a budding production designer and art director whose work has been featured in dozens of student films and projects as well as a professional music video. Maxx believes there should be no opportunity lost when it comes to design, and he integrates meaning and creativity into every aspect of a set.